New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference provides educational opportunities for podiatrists, podiatry students

By Maggie Wurst, SMC, ’17

This past May, nearly 200 podiatrists from around the country attended the 2015 New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference in New Orleans.

With 25 course directors and 200 faculty members from global peripheral intervention centers, each year, New Cardiovascular Horizons hosts a conference to provide individuals in the health profession new information about cardiovascular health and treatments.

However, along with being a great experience for cardiologists, podiatrists can also benefit from the conference.

According to TUSPM alumni and NCVH 2015 Podiatric and Wound Care Chairman, Dr. Frank Tursi, ’85, the conference can provide podiatrists and podiatry students a greater education on their role in diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

“Nearly six years ago, I was invited to a medical symposium on PAD, and I immediately recognized an enormous opportunity for the podiatric profession to interact and collaborate with all cardiovascular professions,” said Tursi.

Tursi has presented at close to 150 lectures on the “awareness, diagnosis and treatment of arterial, venous and associated cardiovascular disease entities”, and during the 2015 event, he gathered a group of 25 lecturers in “podiatric, allopathic, osteopathic, allied health and nursing professions” to lecture in the Podiatric and Wound Care track at the conference.

The lecturers spoke on vascular disease awareness, diagnosis and treatment, diabetic and neuropathic considerations, advanced wound healing techniques, and the business of wound care to a group of nearly 200 podiatrists.

“The end result was a synergistic and symbiotic effect, boosting the attendance and engagement of a multidisciplinary collaborative care vascular network,” said Tursi.

The 2016 New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference will take place from June 1-3 in New Orleans.

To register, please visit

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